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About The Carrier people

The Ndazkoh First Nation occupied its Territory in 1846. Alexander Mackenzie journeyed across, what is now Canada, in 1793. Along his journey, Mackenzie was guided by First Nations people, the Southern Carrier and Chilcotin First Nations, who have inhabited the Quesnel area for thousands of years.

The name “Ndazkoh” has been changed over time from Chuntezn’ai, Ndazhot’en, Ndazkoh to the name of today; Ndazkoh. Being that most could not properly pronounce the traditional names, they were shortened over time.

Ndazkoh has 19 reserves which were established by legislation in 1911. Three of the reserves, Baezaeko (Besikoh), Trout Lake (Bunchek) and Ndazkoh (Chuntezn’ai) are inhabited by the membership. Total membership is approximately 320, about half of which occupy Ndazkoh’s lands. Ndazkoh, IR 20, is the main reserve and is located 100 kms west of Quesnel on the Nazko Highway in the interior of British Columbia. Known as the Gateway to the Nuxalk Carrier Grease Trail” also known as the “Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail”, Ndazkoh is rich in First Nations and Ranching culture.

The Ndazkoh people, part of the Carrier nation, are included as the original inhabitants of the north-central region of B.C since at least 2200 B.C. Carrier country is vast, stretching 500 kms from the Coast Mountains in the west to the Rocky Mountains in the east, and 300 kms from Takla Lake in the north to the Chilcotin plateau in the south. The terrain varies from the low, rolling hills along the Blackwater River in the south to the mountainous regions that border Carrier country to the west, north and east.

Ndazkoh’s traditional language, Carrier, is part of the northern Athapaskan language family. Northern Athapaskan languages are spoken throughout the sub arctic region of northern and western Canada. The Carrier language is still actively used by the Ndazkoh membership.

Much of the traditional lifestyle has changed with the introduction to western civilization. Ndazkoh Logging is a highly successful business Enterprise that was established in the early 1980’s. Ndazkoh has become reliant upon forestry activities that will provide employment, capacity development and revenue. In 1994, Ndazkoh entered into the Treaty process as a means to have self-government, implementation of traditional law and governing policies that reflect the culture of the southern Carrier people. Enhancing the Treaty process, Ndazkoh is dedicated to long term community planning. This “new way of doing business” ensures community engagement, consultation and participation, therefore success in self-governance.
The Dakelh / Southern Carrier app is a media-rich bilingual dictionary and phrase collection comprised of words and phrases archived at the online Aboriginal language database
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