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 ču kʷaa čik hux̣tik šiiḥ ʔaƛ niš c̓iiqc̓iiqasa

"First Words"

sawbill duck



hałaapi haw̓ił
God (name used in prayer)

whale (any)

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About The Nuchatlaht & Ehattesaht people

Learning by doing...

The inspiration for this logo comes from the purpose of this website: to preserve and pass on our language, just like the mother eagle teaches her eaglet. Our hope is that you will learn more of our ways of thinking and speaking. Our logo is designed by Vince Smith. He has family roots in Ehattesaht, Nuchatlaht and Hesquiaht.

Ehattesaht and Nuchahtlaht Tribes are two of the 14 tribes that make up the Nuu chah nulth Nation. While these two tribes are completely autonomous they share a great deal of common history and future goals. A large percentage of the families of Ehattesaht and Nuchatlaht reside within and around the Esperanza Inlet area; with villages at Ehatis (Zeballos) and Oclujce, 20 minutes outside of Zeballos. There are approximately 480 members in the two tribes.

The tribes speak two similar but distinct dialects of the t'aat'aaqsapa language. This language is part of the Wakashan Language Family. This means that our people are historically and linguistically related to the Kwakwaka'wakw, Heiltsuk, Haisla and Makah and their langauges. Our website here uses a modified version of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

We are working to create this archive for all learners and future generations. Check back regularly for new words, phrases, songs and books.

The Ehattesaht app is a media-rich bilingual dictionary and phrase collection comprised of words and phrases archived at the online Aboriginal language database
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Status of Our Language

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Ehattesaht Nuchatlaht

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British Columbia

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