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 qʷaga tɛwšim ʔəms qʷaytɩn - come learn our language

"First Words"





About The ƛohos people

ʔaǰɛčxʷot (how are you?) Our langauge like many others around the world is endangered. We have very few elders and fluent speakers left in our community. This webpage is of great importance and will help preserve our language for future generations. Saving our culture and language is very important to the people of Klahoose. We hope that many people use and learn our language from our webpage. In the early 1900's children were taken away from their family and community and sent to residential schools. This continued on into the early 1980's. Children from our community were sent to the Residential schools in Sechelt BC and as well as in Mission BC. Parents had no choice but to send their children away, if they did not cooperate, they would be fined and also sent to jail. At residentail school the children were not allowed to speak their native language, and if they did they were punished. This is the time where people began to loose our language and culture, the governments wanted First Nations people to assimilate into white society. The government also banned traditional ceremonies from being performed in hopes of the first nations culture being lost forever. Today our community is working on language revitalization. Weekly language classes are being held in the community in the evening, more convenient and available to students and people who work during the day. Once a week we have a community memeber host an hour long radio show on the local radio station. Teaching basic words, numbers and simple phrases. In 2003 a program started with the University of Victoria, called the D.S.T.C. (Developmental Standard Term Certificate) program, where members of the community had an opportunity to take Language classes, to learn the language and how to write it, linguistics, practicums, and others courses such as lesson planning and classroom management. It is an ongoing part time program which is still continuing today, and should be completed in 2009. Once completed, students who have completed all the course credits can go onto the University of Victoria and get into the Bachelor of Education Program to go on to become a certified teacher. Klahoose is now participating in the First Voices langauge project, which is putting our language on this website to make it accessible to all band members and anyone intrested in learning our langauge. Enjoy and help keep our language alive.

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