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 All Relations Welcome to our Traditional Tsek'ene Territory

"First Words"

grandfather (form used when talking to him), my grandfather

khuda (kuda)


Dolly Varden, bull trout, brook trout, speckled char

About The Tsek'ene people

The Kwadacha Nation (home of the Tsek'ene people) is located at Fort Ware, approximately 570 km north of Prince George in British Columbia, Canada. The village lies at the confluence of the Fox, the Kwadacha, and Finlay rivers in the Rocky Mountain Trench. The geographic coordinates are 57.5 degrees north latitude and 125.40 degrees west longitude. Access to Fort Ware is predominantly through small-plane air travel, which entails a one/two hour flight from Prince George at a cost of $550 return. In 1992 a logging road from Mackenzie was extended as far as Fort Ware. The travel time from Fort Ware to Prince George by road is from ten to twelve hours depending on road and weather conditions. This makes Fort Ware one of the most isolated communities in British Columbia

Status of Our Language

Name of Archive
Kwadacha Tsek'ene

Language Family


Northern British Columbia

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