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 Ts'uhoont'i' Nekeyoh ts'e whusainya. Welcome to our territory.

"First Words"

dzin hoonzoo
good day

ts'uhoont'i' whusainya

How are you?

'atsul szih sinda
stay awhile

’Az dahoont’oh
how is it outside

About The Nak'azdli people

Nak'azdli is a holistic community that believes in maintaining and enhancing our traditional values by learning, living and teaching our culture and heritage. Nak'azdli is a vibrant, self-determined community made up of diverse individuals and businesses working together to promote education, health, economic progress and our language and cultural practices.

Nak'azdli is located where Stuart River meets the beautiful shores of Nak’al Bun (Stuart Lake) in Central British Columbia. When Simon Fraser journeyed up the Nechako River and then up the Stuart River some 200 years ago, he was greeted by a vibrant community of First peoples with a complex language and a rich culture. Recent archeological studies indicate that the Nak’azdli Dakelh have inhabited this territory for thousands of years.

The area become a center for commerce and trade in 1806 when a trading post was established and the people of Fort St. James (New Caledonia) and Nak’azdli have lived side by side for some 200 years. When the trading post was set up on the shores of Nakel Bun (Stuart Lake), it shaped the industry of the Dakelhne as trappers for many years. The keyoh (trapline, town, territory, home) of the Dakelh is an important concept in that it encompasses a complex matriarchal clan system that guides the bathlats (potlatch) system.

Nak'azdli First Nation is made up of approximately 1500 on and off reserve members. Much of our activities now revolve around forestry, some trapping, hunting, fishing and tourism. Nak'azdli has its own elementary School (known as Nak'albun Elementary), youth center, church, gas station, gymnasium, administration office, and re-manufacturing sawmill. A grocery store is presently under construction.

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Nak’azdli Dakelh

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British Columbia

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