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 Te yahtán Tgaltkúkwpi7 kctáles re cqweqwlútn - Language is our power given from the Creator

"First Words"



xsaysá7tns re stsma̓melt
youth centre


es alkst n scwet’mIn'
buckskin work

About The Splatsin people

About the Splatsin First Nation:

The Splatsin First Nations people reside on Indian reserve lands adjacent to the City of Enderby to the south and across the Shuswap river to the east. We also have a reserve at Sek'maws (Sicamous).

The Splatsin are the most southern tribe of the 17 Shuswap First Nations who make up the Secwepemc Nation, the largest Interior Salish speaking First Nation in Canada whose aboriginal territory stretches from the BC/Alberta border near the Yellowhead Pass to the plateau west of the Fraser River, southeast to the Arrow Lakes and to the upper reaches of the Columbia River.

Splats'in is pronounced "spla-cheen" and refers to the large flat prairie beside the river. We have over 800 band members of which less than 1% can speak our language.

About the Splatsin Language Team developing content for this site:

The Splatsin Tsm7aksaltn (Splatsin Teaching Centre) is a First Nation non-profit organization. Our mandate is to be a teaching centre for early learning that incorporates the Splatsin language, culture and history into our programming for children aged 0-12 years old, parents, family, and community.

We were formerly known as the Splatsin Child Care Society. Our Kikia7a (kee-kee-yah-ah) wanted us to change our name. They said that we do teaching for the whole community not just the children. They wanted us to be called the learning centre but there is no english equivalent in our Splatsin language so they settled on the name "The Splatsin Tsm7aksaltn (Splatsin Teaching Centre) Society. We have had the name change in place since June 2009.

We have been involved in language revitalitzation projects since the early 1970's and have experienced many different methods for teaching. Every Monday since 1998, we have met once a week to speak our language, document and teach. Our method is simple as told by our elder Marie David "wrap the language around the babies".

For more information:
Splatsin Tsm7aksaltn (Splatsin Teaching Centre) Society
2730 Canyon Rd., Enderby, BC, V0E 1V3
250-838-6404 ext. 1
250-838-6429 fax

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